Virtue in the Wasteland


Welcome to Virtue in the Wasteland, a podcast + about culture, religion, and ethics. Your hosts—Dr. Jeff Mallinson and Dr. Daniel van Voorhis—will discuss ways to cultivate civic courage and navigate our complex cultural landscape, in search of truth, goodness, and beauty. This is a long form podcast that rarely comes to concrete conclusions. Rather, it is an ongoing discussion with the two hosts and their guests.  Enjoy the show!

Jeff and Dan have had a career spanning a combined 30 years in the University setting as professors and administrators.  While they believe the university is a great incubator of ideas and discussion, the ideas need to penetrate culture and reach a wider audience.  This show grew out of a desire to take complex issues and talk about them in a relaxed and conversational manner.  Each show is different, we invite you to listen to the shows as you would read a magazine.  Not all magazine articles interest you, so you flip through the pages.  We invite you to flip through our shows and find what appeals to you!