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Ep: 112 Overcoming The Absurd- Uwe Siemon-Netto on ISIS and Vietnam

Whoa! Maybe the picture here on the left is a little much.  But on today's show we talk about ISIS on today's podcast with Dr. Uwe Simon-Netto (International columnist, Faithful Mask's Founder and former Religion Editor for United Press International) and the images that have accompanied (or failed to accompany) some of the more horrific stories regarding the atrocities in the Middle East.  

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Ep: 105 - The Money Show: Usury and Debt


Start your week out right by thinking about the giant gulf between yourself and economic stability! Actually, that's not the point of this show.  It's also not a "how to save your money" show.  We're not even sure if we go with Ancient Indian, Greek or modern sages on the use of money to make money.

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PoliticsDaniel van Voorhis
Ep: 33 SCANDAL! scandal?

We often find it too hard to let a salacious story pass by without a quick comment.  And we think that's problematic. But that's what this show is about. A show about scandals and how we shouldn't delight in shows about scandals. Brain in a pretzel yet? 

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