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Episode 208- Everything Will Be Cool This Christmas

While this is our 4th (!) annual Christmas show, it is our 7th show dedicated to the Happiest time of the year, you know: Ho Ho Ho, Jingle Bells and all that jazz.  As we come to the close of a tumultuous 2016, not only in our culture, but in our personal and professional lives, you might expect a dour show filled wth heartbreak on Christmas eve, existential despair and tales of spiking suicide rates.  And that is exactly what we have for you! Except, Dan, the self appointed king of Christmas cheer rattles off Christmas songs and derides his partner for not knowing them while Jeff recalls a recent experience with a bird call, a crowded freeway and a revelation that the good news is that we are all doomed.  That's right, everybody, it a very special ViW Christmas Special.  And please remember, Baby Jesus? He was born to rock!

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