Ep. 203 Leonard Cohen Wrestles with Sex, Death, and God

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Following his recent death, we discuss Leonard Cohen's songs, which deal with biblical and romantic themes. Was he pessimistic and despairing, or was there a secret chord that some might miss if they don't listen close enough to this genius songwriter?

We not only discuss Cohen's own recordings, we play a few of our favorites and point out some of the lyrics which we find particularly haunting or sublime. We also discuss the nature of covering Cohen's music.  From Jeff Buckley's "Hallelujah" to R.E.M covering First We Take Manhattan.

Sex and God and Death.  You want it darker? We kill the flame...  and then remind you the everything is going to be ok.

Click here to listen ViW's Introduction to Leonard Cohen on Apple Music

A great interview from 1971- The reporter seem baffled- good read - HERE http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/ladies-and-gents-leonard-cohen-19710204

An Interview with Suzanne of Cohen's Eponymous song


David Remnick from The New Yorker shared  his last interview with Leonard Cohen on September 2016. 

Cohen introduces and explains his song "The Guests"

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This is the track at the end of the show, with LC introducingand reading part of it- and then the Webb sisters taking over. Unbelievable. 

Cohen explains, and performs, one of Dan's favorite tracks

 Cohen talks about his singing voice, his lyrics, and almost 50 years as an under appreciated icon. 

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