Ep. 245 Moral Psychology and Groupthink pt. 1

There is a scene in the Life of Brian in which Brian, a supposed messianic character, tries to dispel his followers by encouraging them all to think of themselves as individuals.  As he says to them, exasperated by their herd mentality, "You are all individuals!" and in response they say in unison, "we are all individuals!". Wait a second.... here... look at this, scroll down a tad

So... now you get it.  On this show we talk about how we think about thinking and acting in our severely fractured time.  Expanding on last week's show we try to think through why we disagree and why we get so angry about it.  So, we talk about Trump and we know we will catch heat from a few.  Talk about vaccines and I figured it was almost lobbing too big a softball.

(sidenote: why the softball? Isn't it a little sexist? And the underhand throwing seems really archaic... Wade, our pal from the North might be able to explain)

So, one of our dearest friends hears this and is all "damn... that's cold" and we were like "ok, sorry, we forgot. And, yeah. Dammit". Maybe we will tip our hat to that on todays show.  Honestly, I can't remember, I think we did.  So in our despair we came across this fellow, Jonathan Haidt and his book "The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion". Click on that... 


So, Haidt is a psychologist and researcher who has tried to think about why good people disagree.  It's easy to say we can "agree to disagree" or dismiss someone as hopeless.  But when we look at just how often we disagree and the vitriol with which we argue.  Here at ViW we dig the challenge to get outside of ourselves and into uncomfortable places we may have not considered before.  Talking religion and politics is always touchy, but these days it seems to be magnified.  So, think along with us and think of your own examples and applications.  You can yell at us and call us hippies or stupid, it's cool. But let's grab a coke later and hang out.

On the show we discussed the interview with Russell Brand and Alistair McGrath that we also talked about last week. Here, check it out:

So, check it out.  As I (Dan) was listening I heard two things that made me shudder. First I said "no duh" in a rather serious fashion.  I was first horrifying and now kind of funny.  Also, I referenced the post-punk Canadian band as "Think, Make, Say, Do" and made a point about thinking first and doing later.  Actually, the name of the band is Do Make Say Think. And that totally nullifies the point. Damn.

Also, you can check out Jonathan Haidt in these TED Talks.  This first is the basis for our conversation on this show.  There are a few interesting videos, so I'll let you go now, but check out the show from last week.  If this is your first show, send us an email at danv@1517legacy.com. I know I wrote "us" but Jeff has his own job with a fancy email.  Let us know you are out there so we can let you know when we come to your town...