Episode 218 Burning Questions!

Over the past month or so, as we have delved into some deep water regarding a few political questions as well as episodes regarding authority and power, we have been getting a number of questions in our inbox.  While a call in show is a possibility we are playing with, we had enough questions to try answering a few. But beware...

We answer these questions, not in a straight "here is the answer" fashion, making us all comfortable that we now know the answer. We might even be MORE confused... but, welcome to ViW.



Dan spent a RAD Valentine's Day at the Wiltern in Los Angeles watching Angel Olsen tear it down

(I Landed Yards from the Wiltern)  

On this show we were asked: 
What are you guys in to these days?  Dan mentioned Angel Olsen and Jeff answered HBO's the Young Pope. 

What are you into these days? Let us know in the comments box below

Things have gotten us a little bit down these days, but never forget: