Episode 212 Question Authority


If I've learned anything in life, it is to never question authoritarian governments (like China who had people following our group the entire time we were there... jerks) , the people who feed me my entertainment, political, and religious views. Also, never talk about Scientology.  They will sue the hell out of you.

I have also learned that dogs, especially the kinds with killer bees that shoot out of their mouths are the most dangerous of all animals.

On today's show we talk about all of those things (bot not the dogs and killer bees).  

That's right, it's 2017 and we are starting off with a bang.  We discuss the shape of things to come, not as predictions (last year our first show was a disaster for predictions) but as reasonable  developments based on current events and the general predilection for human nature to crave authority and easy answers.

Trump, the president elect is meeting with top Chinese figures.  But no one in the Chinese government.  We talk about how we consume the things we used to get from ABC, NBC, CBS, etc... We discuss why I think if 75% of religious groups across the spectrum should shut down based on a radical misuse of authority.  We also take a swing at Scientology.  If we disappear, you'll know why.

Enjoy the show. Especially if it is the last one because we are R2-45'd.



Click on the picture to read the story

Click on the picture to read the story

Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief - The HBO Special
Starring Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, John Travolta, L. Ron Hubbard, Katie Holmes

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