Episode 211- The Normal Show


On today's show we discuss the idea of normal.  Having received so many emails from all around the world, we have a particularly American and west coast mentality.  We think some things are normal when in fact it might be shocking to others.  Is normal the same as good? Is it all relative?  And we recogize our peculiar place in the world and our own normative behaviors we look at other behaviors and try to discern the normalcy (and maybe morality) of various interpretations of the normal.

harding meme.jpg

Warren G Harding, y'all.  Accept him in the pantheon of the top twelve presidents of all time.  I think Time put him last, so lemmings everywhere assumed he should be judged by his friend's misdeeds (i.e. "The Teapot Dome Scandal").  WGH was the shizazz and  his birthday should be celebrated with parades through the streets of every major town.  And in Ohio, the great state that birthed him, you do the parade twice in case anyone slept in. He should be sainted by the pope.  He should be named the highest level of Thetan.  I believe he already has been honored as member of both the pro football and MLB Hall of Fame's.  He once saved a family from a grizzly bear by offering himself as a substitute for them. And once the bear had a grip, Harding flexed and the bear's teeth all shattered



Also, in case you were wondering: What Danny Elfman says about his "Little Girls" song.   

Daniel van Voorhis