Ep: 75 Optimize Yourself! (Self Help for the Helpless?)

ViW 75 is our 99th episode! We know, the numbering is strange, and we will update it for the new year (This is the 75th week, and we sometimes release extra episodes a week).  As we ramp up to our 100th show we have brought in some of the guests from earlier shows that have been the most popular.  This week we have research psychologist Dr. John Lu (Ph.D, University of California, Irvine) talking about a field of health psychology known as "optimization".  We here at ViW do not dig hokey self help nonsense (think of "the Secret").  But what happens when responsible researchers in the field of research psychology (not therapy, but bio-psycho-social research) start thinking about "how to be better?".  What if, one of these researchers happens to share some of our wasteland pessimism but also thinks a lot about the good life, and is a good friend? Well, you get this episode.
Dr. Lu recently spoke to a large group of students on this topic and it was such a success many suggested (and we concurred) that this needed to be an episode.  
Download and listen on a car ride, whilst cleaning for the holidays, etc... and if this tickles your fancy, check out one of our earliest shows "The Road to Happiness" with Dr. Lu
(Photo courtesy of someone John's wife got to take their family pictures. John talks about his son and how having a child caused him to evaluate his strengths and weakness. If you know John, this is the happiest he has ever looked)