Ep: 66 Left Behind with Dr. Amy Frykholm

Seriously? We couldn't help ourselves. This Left Behind business is too ridiculous to leave alone.  But we aren't just shooting fish in a barrel making fun of this hooey and applesauce.  We talk about Jeff's experience going to the film, talk about our cultural fascination with the end of the world, and interview Dr. Amy Frykholm author of Rapture Culture: Left Behind in America and writer for the Christian Century magazine on Religion and Culture.  Dr. Frykholm is fascinating (she has written on sexuality and Christianity in America as well as other sometimes "taboo" topics in certain circles).  Enjoy the show!

Dr Frykholm's website
The IMDB site for Left Behind 
Nicolas Cage on Rotten Tomatoes (check it out, boy has he made a wide range of great and terrible movies)
Jeff live tweeted some of the movie- check out our twitter page here