Ep: 58 The Over Promised Land: Israel, Hamas and No End in Sight?

On the show today we welcome back Dr. Adam Francisco (he earned his doctoral degree at Oxford University in Middle East studies and is currently a professor of History and Political Thought at Concordia University, Irvine).  Adam came on the show as a result of a number of us (Jeff, Dan and colleagues) sitting around talking about the recent events in Israel and the Gaza Strip.  We found that we knew some things, but there were basic questions we didn't know the answers to, and maybe were afraid to ask.  Thus, we invited our pal Adam back to the show to explain what is going on, to give us some historical background, and suggest a few ways of thinking about the ongoing conflict.  On the show we talked a little about the geography of the area- you can check out a good map here .  Adam also recommend a book, Eric Greitens The Heart and the Fist  As always, join the conversation here, on Facebook on Twitter, or by emailing us at dan@virtueinthewasteland.com.