Ep: 51b- Bonus B- Side Body and Mind with Dr. Betsi Little Van Fossen

A year ago, when we first started delivering up these hot, delicious (and free!) podcasts we interviewed the experimental psychologist Dr. Betsi Little Van Fossen. Back then our little two-bit outfit had to Skype her in from Washington, one year later we have her with us live in studio! (The studio being Jeff's apartment). 

Being a B-side we talk all over the place, but we especially get into Betsi's work as a jury consultant, Dan's work with the OJ jury, and Jeff wearing pleated pants.

At its core, we do get into some serious stuff related to episode 51 on addiction and the war on drugs. 
We are also given a very fascinating look into how men and women fight, what ages kids are cranky and why (and when to kick your kids out of the house). I think we had as much recording this episode as any- it's a B-side! It's free! Enjoy!