Ep: 51 The War on Drugs

Do we care enough about our neighbors to actually care about the best way to help them overcome addiction?  What if the best way to help them made you look like a vicious member of the HOA or PTA?  Would you allow your friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors to think you were vicious for the sake of true virtue?  Are privatized prisons ethical?  What's the history of the war on drugs? What are drugs?  What are steroids for that matter? Are some unable to just say no?  Do we answer all these questions?  No.  Do we confront several simplistic answers to these questions?  Yes.

We address the topics of addiction, rehab, alanon, narcanon, Nixon, decriminalization, cannabis legalization, cartels, virtue, philosophy, and sobriety.  We want our friends and neighbors to be free of oppressive addiction and inebriation.  But in our--most--controversial--show--yet (cue the reality show filler music), we suggest we may be doing a disservice to our neighbors by supporting the status quo related to the drug war.