Ep: 193 The Food Photography Ninja with Anne Watson

Anne Watson was so tired of her PR job (where they wouldn’t tell her what she was supposed to be promoting) she resolved to naps in her car and using the office copy machine to make a coffee table book about cats and robots.  Eventually, she can to work one morning and quit. She walked away from security to a number of jobs across the globe when she finally realized she could bring together her job and her passion. Anne was a delightful guest who brought plenty of stories and laughs.  And, if you listen after the outro there is a special conversation with Anne about the role she plays in Dan’s upcoming book and Jeff has to be the arbiter as to whether or not they actually dated.  

On the show we discuss Anne’s journey with her husband Tim as he wrote his book “There And Back Again To See How Far It Is”, Anthony Bourdain’s “Kitchen Confidential” and “Medium Raw”the article that officially named Anne the “Bad Ass Photo Ninja”.
You can check out Anne's work at Anne Watson Photo

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