Ep: 190 How Did We Get Into This Mess?

Whoa! Hold on... what does that "A" mean? And why is this show a little shorter than usual? Well, in light of a number of well-received podcasts on the state of the world today and our continuing optimism (even in the penultimate) we decided to do an entire week of podcasts!  So, on today's show we start discussing "how we got into this mess" - that is, how we came to be in our current state of affairs: politically, socially, etc... Episode A is on Colonialism and Imperialism.  Does that not interest you? Well, it should, and Dan plays the historian (his primary field) to discuss America and its early role abroad.  Each day this week at 5pm PST we will have a new show dedicated to a topic relating back to this question. 5 Shows, 5 Days.  Why? Because of you. And some great questions and our desire to give you as much info as we can!  Enjoy.