Ep: 182 When A Loved One Has A Drinking Problem

Well, Hello Wastelanders.  If this is the first show you've ever seen, I would suggest you pick a different show. Go here (and scroll down) for some of our favorites! Or, maybe you are listening to the first time because this topic hits home.  Well, this isn't a regular show.  Jeff wanted to use some of a talk Dan gave at a conference earlier in the year.  Dan said, "people who wanted to hear that heard it already" to which Jeff replied, "but more people should" to which Dan said, "then we can link to it".  Jeff said, "trust me, it's a good talk, hits on things we've been mulling over, I can do an intro and talk about my own experience, and it will hit people who haven't heard it".  So, Dan said, "ok. But I curse, should you bleep that out?" Jeff said, "Sure".  But then Jeff decided to play it in its whole form (save the Q&A after).  Dan has asked that you listen to his section patiently, realize that he was nervous, and was actually reading an older manuscript copy of his upcoming book that had a few errors and a missing section he had to play with on the fly.  Jeff has said that you shouldn't start shows with apologies. Dan, however, is posting this. Enjoy the show!