Ep: 177 The Father's Day Special

Dan and Jeff are both dads.  They both have dads. Both Jeff and Dan are boys/men and have boys/men as sons. THAT is the extent of their expertise.  This is not a theological reflection or lecture from Mt. Pious. Rather, Dan finally saw Terrence Malick's Tree of Life and really dug it.  We stay on our Kierkegaard trip (just a little), Jeff tells a story or two, Dan talks about the best dads in popular culture and we conclude with a few things we've learned and are still learning as we try and figure out how to raise, and live in, a family today.  Also, this show is completely free. Also, you can donate to the show at 1517legacy.com- make sure you put somewhere (even in your name box) that you support our little expedition.  ALSO, you can rate us on iTunes. ALSO, you can buy one of our limited edition "Everything is Going to Be OK" shirts at 1517legacy.com
Enjoy the Show.