Ep: 176 Impossible Christianity

Well, we weren't sure if this was a show we would do.  Our podcast has always tended towards looking at culture for its own sake and discussing it in light of the good , true and beautiful.  we haven't shied away from theology- but we know there are others who make this their thing and want to carve out our own niche.  Well, if this show (almost 3 years old now!) is about everything- it would be inevitable that we would touch upon Christianity in a straightforward way at some point.  
The context for this show is the end of a semester, the end of the class you can hear about on ep. 175 and some level of exasperation and exhaustion.  We are not talking about any specific "brand" of Christianity (although we are Lutheran gentlemen) and we might hit some touchy points (quoting Kierkegaard and Bonhoeffer favorably can do that amongst some).  All this to say- this is a peculiar show. This was a cathartic show that we are still processing and would love to dig deeper into with online or offline conversations.  As one new listener wrote "after 8 minutes of them not getting to the point, I gave up." Welcome to ViW! This is a long form conversation- we dance around, tell stories and go free form. Enjoy the show and let us know what you are thinking and if any of this resonates.