Ep: 166 Son of Sudan

On todays' show we recorded live from CUI's Global Village with an audience of students.  Wai John Wai, our guest is a graduate of Concordia, but was born in Sudan and fled with his family during the civil war that gave rise to the famous "Lost Boys" of Sudan.  Wai tells his own story of being a refugee in Kenya and then being moved to San Diego. He also tells us about the crisis in Sudan, a little about the history of the region and what we can do.  Wai has since gone on to work with other refugees from Sudan in San Diego.  You can find that center at sudaneseamericanyouthcenter.org.  You can see the videos we discussed here We also reference two shows/interviews that we were very happy with about Africa today- one with Nokukanya Shabalala and another with a survivor of the Rwandan Genocide