Ep: 153 Santa Claus...and other Demonic Lies!

If you tell your kid that Santa is real, your child will never trust you when they get older and realize that you lied to them for so many years.

And thus, you will either make them hate religion or disbelieve in a proper scientific worldview because of your insistence on playing with the myth of St. Nick.

Ok, maybe it isn't that bad.  But what do we do when both the left and right (sacred and secular) warn about telling stories.  And practically, what DO we do with the story of Santa with our kids?  And did you know how many other creepy versions there are?

This is one of our "triples" that is, when we hit a burst of energy and record three shows in a row- this is the third, "the triple", where we get a little more playful, have some fun, but ultimately tie it back to important questions and big ideas.
Enjoy the show!