Ep: 150 Star Wars

How did it take us so long to do this show?  Was it too obvious?  While Star Wars has made its way into a number of our shows, we never devoted a show to talking about it.  This came on the heels of Dan giving a talk after a showing of Return of the Jedi and a number of people suggesting that the Jedi were perhaps as bad as the sith (did we lose you here?) As we approach the launch of episode VII (for which, we and our boys will be in line and have already bought tickets for the first showing the night before the release) we decided to talk about the movie series with a ViW twist.  We explore Joseph Campbell's "monomyth" and why the series has captivated kids (Jeff thinking he was a Jedi as a young boy) and adults (Dan not getting into the series until his 30's).
Dan makes the argument that it is the most significant film/popular culture franchise of all time and WHY this is the case.  Is it just "good versus evil"?  Is it Hokey religions and/or a good blaster?  Listen in, it's a show we could have done years ago, you get it NOW! (Click HERE for a direct download)