Ep: 145 The Health Fad Hustle

So, lately our shows have been kind of a bummer for some people. Sorry. 
When we aren't in complete bummed out mode (and we're not, we are just taking this Fall to scratch an itch we all have) we like to be in "somewhat confused" mode.  We tend to deal in history, religion, and ethics, etc... and we are surprised just how little consensus we can get on certain topics.  But what about the simple things we do, like, eating.  Surely there is no great problem here.  Hasn't nutrition been figured out by scientists by now?    
On today's show we see in the realm of health and nutrition a convergence of both moral and intellectual confusion.  Can we get better?  Can we even know what it is to be healthy?  Should I take supplements?  Who can I trust when it comes to my health? 
We have Dr. Terry Olson a PhD in exercise and sport science (think physiology, nutrition, how our bodies work) to talk with us because a) he's an actual expert and this is his primary field and b) he's a super rad guy.  One listener tweeted (almost instantly after the show had been dropped):