Ep: 139 Get Outside Yourself (and, You're Going to Have to Eat the Entire Dog)

Every Monday you get a show.  We've been serving up at least one show a week for over two years.  This past summer Jeff and Dan realized that there schedules were going to be out of sync (because of travel).  And so they recorded a bunch of shows back-to-back.  And then, as a new academic year began, they found themselves back in the cozy confines of the ViW studio in Southern California.  This is the first show recorded after nearly a month of being away from each other (their longest break from each other since the show started).  Having travelled to China, Japan and elsewhere (and thanks to a fan,  Patrick Ortiz asking for some traveling stories) we have cooked up a show on the delights and perils of traveling and how our thoughts might be applicable even if you never leave your hometown.  You will learn that Jeff ordered a dog for dinner.  Dan probably talks about places he's lived and probably waxes on about his beloved Ohio.