Ep: 133 The Underdog Pastor (an Interview with Jay Reinke of "the Overnighters")

It is hard to pick a favorite show, or a show we were most excited about recording.  This show certainly would rank near the top of our favorite shows we've done in the years we have been knocking these shows out on a weekly basis.
Dan came across this documentary by typing in "best documentaries" on google a few months back.  The description made it sound interesting enough.  By the time the documentary was over Dan was floored by the story.  It turns out that we had a few connections to the main figure in the movie, Jay Reinke, and he graciously agreed to come on the show.  If you haven't seen the film (it is on Netflix) you can still listen to this show (we take a break half way through before getting into any spoilers).  Jay is as candid, if not more, than in the film and answers the questions we had about the movie (that many of our friends had as well).  This is a show about one of the best documentaries (winner of a special Jury award at Sundance as well as 11 other awards) we have ever seen, and this was an opportunity to get behind it by having a conversation about the nature of Jay's work with the influx of population to his small town because of the shale boom, a story that took turn after turn, the nature of underdogs, sexuality, compassion, and redemption. Listen and share with a friend.