Ep: 131 Marriage, Morality and the Law

Gay marriage, the Supreme Court, and the cultural implications of a changing political landscape is what this show's about.  We recognize that we, once again, are in danger of offending everyone, including many close friends. We have a slightly different take from both the Left and the Right.  Remember, this is not primarily a theological/biblical discussion this week, but instead is primarily about the interplay between church and state, and on that we tend (especially Jeff) to lean libertarian on this matter. Note that, while we get a bit playful (we recorded this on a short evening window between our collective family vacations), and probably reject many of the ways in which you think about this issue, our overall take is complex.  We challenge the idea that Christians should care much about the legal aspects of sexual ethics, and we distinguish law, ethics and theology.  On the other hand, we find some of the concerns of the dissenting justices to be legitimate from a constitutional point of view.  Perhaps the most frustrating piece for our conservative Christian friends is our sense that we hold that there is little reason to believe that the 14th Amendment will be allowed to thwart the basic rights of the 1st Amendment, with the possible exception of some Christian churches and non-profits losing their tax exempt status.  

We call Christians to get back to the business of being a beacon of light in a listless world, rather than cultural bullies.  In any case, we welcome your feedback and are willing to consider blind spots.  But given the number of emails asking for us to address the issue, we figure a candid discussion is in order, even if we lose friends over the matter.  

Finally, the bits of humor on the show are by no means meant to belittle the very serious emotional import this whole matter has for both LGBT and Conservative Christian listeners.  We seek to love and serve all our neighbors, and wish you all the best.  God bless America, and God bless you, dear listener.