Ep: 114 Pilgrimage to Selma

On the 50th anniversary of the March on Montgomery from Selma Dan and good friend of the show, Dr. Kristen Koenig, and a group of students flew to Alabama and made the trek to Selma to commemorate the event and experience a bit of history.  Needless to say, it was an amazing event.  On today's show we invited Kristen, and 4 of the students that traveled to Selma to come talk about their experience.  We discuss the history of the Selma march and Civil Rights, our experience as mostly upper Middle Class Californians in the deep south commemorating something that we perhaps thought was remote from own experience.  Now, if you are of a conservative stripe (like Dan!) you might be surprised to hear our take on Obama's speech as well as what we found to be one of the most powerful moments of the weekend.  The show is released, as always, on Monday at 5pm.