Ep 113 Shibboleth

Shibboleth: n. A word or a way of speaking or behaving which shows that a person belongs to a particular group.  We have often talked about how we define and understand ourselves and our community.  One way this has been done is by using certain words or phrases.  A shibboleth (which has its roots in a particularly clever, but bloody, episode in the Ancient Near East) is a kind of code used to define the "other" by  exposing (or understanding) their ignorance of something.  Do we have modern shibboleths in religion, politics, and culture?  And how to we reconcile being part of an "insider" group with having an inquiring or 'open' mind?  
We begin this show talking about Dan's upcoming trip to Selma (we will delve into this on a later episode), the Civil War and then about our identities we crete for ourselves by using shibboleths. Enjoy the show!