Ep: 112 Overcoming The Absurd- Uwe Siemon-Netto on ISIS and Vietnam

Whoa! Maybe the picture here on the left is a little much.  But on today's show we talk about ISIS on today's podcast with Dr. Uwe Simon-Netto (International columnist, Faithful Mask's Founder and former Religion Editor for United Press International) and the images that have accompanied (or failed to accompany) some of the more horrific stories regarding the atrocities in the Middle East.  And even as we considered whether or not to use this picture here, we realized that this is part of the point Dr. Siemon-Netto makes on the show, has recently made in an article, and more importantly: made about the Vietnam War 40 years ago.  This podcast was recorded by a professional video recording team (we'll link to the video when it is up) because of the timeliness of the story and a crossover with the printing of the 3rd edition of Uwe's book.  You may have heard him talk about his book, about his time as a reporter in Vietnam, and if you have, you will hear a few more stories.  But we also have Uwe talk about the modern Middle East, persecution, cultural absurdity and the power of images.  It's a sobering show.  You may not want to listen to this one with young children around (as the descriptions of a few instances are a little grizzly).  Nevertheless, enjoy the show.