Ep: 109 | 50 Shades of Love with Dr. Kristen Koenig

A special Valentine's Day episode! With one of our favorite guests, sociologist Dr. Kristen Koenig.  On this Valentine's day special Dr. Koenig brings her valentines day cheer by deconstructing our modern idea of love as we discuss the distinction between intimacy and lust, the idea of "soul mates", and basically every other idea you'll find on a valentine's day card.  But don't worry!  We don't leave you in despair, but rather reconstruct love without the modern day trappings.  We tell a personal story or two about relationships gone bad, and how both single folk and couples might think about the nature of true love. Happy Valentine's Day, enjoy the bonus show, and we'll catch you again at our regular Monday slot with a brand new show.
Click HERE for the link to the questionnaire Dr. Koenig references on the show