Ep: 101 Disobey - On Thoreau, Bonhoeffer and Ferguson

It's our last episode of 2014! And after the merriment of our 100th episode (you did listen to that one, yes? Koenig AND Armstrong!) we decided to get a little deeper.  It fit, not only because of our post Christmas malaise, but also as we looked at the year in review and saw civil (and un-civil) disobedience as a major theme over the past few months.  We start with a poem by Shelley and move into Henry David Thoreau's "On Civil Disobedience" before tackling modern issues (particular such as Ferguson and Eric Gardner, and general in the case of millennial apathy). And for those interested, Dan goes into a bit of history on the antebellum years in America,  those crap presidents you can never remember (Pierce, Fillmore, Taylor, etc...) and how that generation can mirror our own.
As we enter the new year we are looking forward to new guests, a few tweaks here and there, and more virtuous and wastelandy goodness.  Enjoy the show!