Ep: 38 Banksy, Embroidery and Faith.....whatever

Like most of our shows lately, this one seems a long time coming. We had wanted our pal Rachel Hayes to come over and record with us since the Summer. Rachel came over on a friday night to sit down and talk about Banksy, Embroidery, Faith....Whatever.

Jeff and Dan talk will talk a bit about the history and philosophy of art from the perspective of the practical nature of, and the"uses and abuses" of art. Rachel discusses her own work (see the link below and watch the video), and devastates Jeff by crushing his love for the street artist, Banksy.

8 Months pregnant and in the middle of a semester, the delightful Professor Hayes brought a homemade pie, came loaded for bear to chat about art and meaning, and her own work.

Rachel's work, "addresses the space of personal memory where fact and fantastical myth merge, and where memories may emerge within both the intimate and immense nature of drawings" check out her site here and watch her video here

(Halfway through the show, we start laughing a good bit. To understand what we are laughing about,  check out this painting, which calls to mind this. All of this was part of the unravelling of Jeff's faith in banksy).

Enjoy the show, and share it with friends.
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