Ep: 29 Aesthetics - First Thoughts on Art and Beauty

The hosts play with some initial ideas related to art and why we like what we like.  Dan explains some of the background behind conversations about art and beauty we will have over the coming months.  Don't expect a full and comprehensive lecture.  Expect the opening volley in a larger discussion about beauty (since we've talked a bit more about goodness and truth in our first six months).  Dan gives some art history background.  Jeff talks about beauty in the Bible.  We share our top guilty aesthetic pleasures and guilty aesthetic displeasures.

We mention Lev Anderson's work with the UCI Humanities Collective, what it means to be a "hipster", aesthetics and theology at the University of St. Andrews, Egyptian pyramids, Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville, crying at movies, crying at work, and Dan'sbest of 2013 playlist.

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