Ep: 9 Jesus the Rock 'n Roll Icon

Top ten songs about Jesus by folks who aren't Bible thumpers.   We also discuss the nature of blasphemy in history and culture.  We talk about the role of Jesus in culture, especially popular music since 1968.  Religious and irreligious folks alike should take a listen to consider the ways in which Jesus is important to all of us, especially angst-ridden musicians.  We go from obscure indy country music to megastar hip hop artists.  Join in and expand your cultural horizons.

We are thrilled to have a new mixer by Allen & Heath, and we think we figured out that half our problems were trying to clean up ugly sound from our old (purchased new) board.  Now we should be a bit more listenable if you have nice subwoofers in the car.

Miscelaneous notes: Dan mentions cruises with Kid Rock; they really exist.  The Bluebirdand Gothic theaters are worth visiting when your favorite act is in Denver. Jeff mentions a musician from Denver who also does some killer clogging: Jay Munly; you can see him clogging with 16 Horsepower here.  

MusicDaniel van Voorhis