Ep. 13 Art in the Wasteland with Micah Bournes

Spoken word and hip hop artist Micah Bournes came down from Long Beach to the Mallinson home for a conversation about his work and the complexities of being a Christian in various cultural contexts.  Micah is worth hearing, whatever your musical tastes, since he helps us discuss the difficulties of making and finding art in our present wasteland.  This is a lively and enjoyable interview, and Micah has important insights to share.

We mention the following: a record label called Humble Beast, a group called Beautiful Eulogy, Stryper, contemporary Christian music, slam poetry, Lavik Lectures, sports team "polygamy", Long Beach, Aisea Taimani, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Moody Bible InstituteJoe Jost's, and what we are listening to lately.