Ep. 12 Fighting for the Mbuti Pygmies with Justin Wren

Justin Wren shared seven hours in our neck of the woods to spread the word about the astounding suffering of theMbuti Pygmies in the Congo basin.  Justin, a former UFC star now heads up an organization called Fight for the Forgotten.  In this show we learn about what's going on with these peaceful people and the slavery and poverty they face.  Some of it is pretty hard to digest, but it doesn't end with sadness.  Justin is doing great work to redeem these slaves, resettle them, and--in the year to come--provide amazing housing technology to get them into homes that are culturally appropriate and long lasting.  You may want to listen to the previous show (ViW11b) to hear more about Justin's life in and defense of the sport of MMA.   As we explain, we had some odd interference (perhaps from the many phones and devices that were crammed into our apartment with the student devices added too; maybe the airlines are right about airplane mode).  Auggie and Jeff were devastated to find that there was painful interference in the direct feed to the computer.  Luckily, we recorded  backups on an iPad; the sound isn't good enough to play the whole thing raw, but we share a few short and important clips from that and Justin's lecture.  For the rest, Dan and Jeff narrate the day with Justin, his fiancé Emily, and his co-author Loretta Hunt.

We mention: the story of Ota BengaCal-Earth Institute, Faithful Masks, author-adventurer Caleb Bislow (with Unusual Soldiers), we play a song from Jake Hamiltontoward the end (see the link to the album below) because we asked, and found out that Hamilton is Justin's favorite artist.  Please consider sharing the word about this important work towards human dignity by passing on a link to this show, checking out Justin's organization, and perhaps also supporting Fight for the Forgotten financially.