Ep: 11B The Pure and Brutal Art of MMA with Justin Wren (Bonus B-Side)

Justin "the Viking" Wren, former UFC star, featured athlete on the reality show "The Ultimate Fighter," and current activist who fights for the Mbuti people in the Congo basin joins us to explain whether folks interested in virtue can enjoy Mixed Martial Arts.  On a previous episode "Bread and Circuses", Dan admitted he hadn't seen any UFC, despite having studied boxing earlier in life.  Jeff and Auggie have enjoyed watching UFC fights before, but Jeff was worried that this sport was a bit too brutal, and that his enjoyment of the spectacle was at the expense of the fighters themselves who get bloodied for our entertainment.  Justin shares his side of things and we think he gives as good a defense of the purity and integrity of professional MMA as one could provide.  We had Justin out to Irvine to speak to Concordia's students about his life and his new calling to help give a voice to the forgotten Mbuti slaves who have adopted Justin as part of their family.  We will share more about Justin's work through his non-profit, Fight for the Forgotten, on a future episode.  For this episode, we get to get a glimpse into an athletic vocation many outsiders might not understand.  Even if you aren't into sports at all, this is an interesting look into the heart and story of a big guy with a giant heart for people on the margins of the wasteland.  We talk about vocation, bullying, the human experience, middle school, and substance abuse.

With us for the day were his fiancé, Emily, and the co-author of his upcoming book,Loretta Hunt.  Loretta is a sports journalist and best selling author, who has worked with other notable athletes like Randy Couture.  

We mention: the United States Olympic Education CenterBrian Melancon