Ep 210 Sloughing Off and Letting Go of 2016

On this, the last episode of 2016, Jeff and Dan channel their T. Swift and decide what they are going to shake off in the coming year. The Taylor Swift reference was not on purpose but a slip up by Dan.  And then, as he listened to the album 1989 (The Taylor Swift version, the Ryan Adams cover of it, and then the Father John Misty cover of Ryan Adam's cover), right after being told by Swift to listen to "these. sick. beats." He realized her sing "Cause it's gonna be alright".  We realize that it is cliche, the general sentiment, but it shows up everywhere.  We can't keep but reminding ourselves to remind ourselves.  And it seems that 2016 had plenty leaving us in a place where we wanted someone to remind us that everything issuing to be okay.

The idea of shaking it off, actually shaking the dust off, actually from a piece called "Shake the Dust" that Micah Bournes introduced us to on his last time on the show.  Part of the topic also came as we looked back at our shows in 2016 and realized how disastrous our predictions were, including our very first show of the year "Will This Year Trump 2015?"  we cooled our jets on Trump bashing early on, but still are more concerned about refugees, Syria, and a general political discontent.  

Nevertheless, this show isn't about wallowing in this past year, but rather a confidence walk, Costco Zen style into 2017.

Enjoy the Show!