Ep. 197 The Trials of Gina Eilers Part 2

On part one of our interview with Gina Eilers we discussed her experiences growing up with gender confusion and decision to enter the ministry.  As we discuss in the first show, we flew out to Indianapolis to interview Gina in her living room providing us time to talk, dig deeper, and see who else we might be able to talk to about the situation that led to her most recent controversy.  While no one else we contacted was willing to be recorded to discuss Gina's situation, this second part allowed us to dig into the recent controversy which occasioned our flight out to Indiana to record the interview.  Gina and her wife, Julie, had recently been brought into fellowship in a Lutheran Church Missouri Synod congregation, this is the same church body she stood down from when she realized her gender dysmorphia was becoming too much of an issue for her to deal with as a pastor, not to mention her own conservative views on the necessity of male pastors (!).
Within a week after joining the church, a number of online groups focused their attention on the Eilers' new church.  To avoid discipline from the synod,, or to bring their church into controversy, they decided to leave the church and once again find themselves on the outskirts of their community.  Gina's theology remained very conservative and her adherence to the doctrines of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod remained, but she was now an exile once again.  This second part of our interview delves into the implications of her gender dysphoria in both the church and community.  Gina  wears her heart on her sleeve and towards the end of this part becomes very emotional and passionate- it left us filled with both hope and melancholy.  Please listen to this second part of our interview with Gina Eilers and consider the implications for the church and society.

GuestsDaniel van Voorhis