Ep. 196 The Trials of Gina Eilers Part 1

Greg Eilers was a second career pastor in Iowa and Michigan.  He had left his corporate job and attended Concordia Theological Seminary, graduating at age 39 and taking up a call at an LCMS parish.  But, the gnawing and troublesome thoughts he had since childhood were getting louder and more fierce.  He had questioned his identity as a man and as his questioning became troublesome to the call and vows he had taken as a minister in the Lutheran Church- Missouri Synod.  And so he resigned.  He began to research gender dysmorphia and soon realized that a number of life events pointed him to this diagnosis.  And so, Greg became Gina.  But now, she wasn't ready to abandon her faith.  She was (and is still) married to Julie.  She considers herself a Christian, a husband, and also transgender and in the process of undergoing a sex reassignment surgery.  We interviewed Gina, via Skype about 4 months ago and thought we had a real firecracker of an episode.  She was candid, empathetic towards her critics, and never dodged a question.  When we went back to play it, we realized there was a clicking sound throughout the recording.  We were beside ourselves.  We couldn't release substandard audio despite the content.  We were devastated and Gina was heartbroken.  8 months later, due to our availability this past month and a few issues we bring up in part 2 of the interview we decided to fly out to Indianapolis to have a long form conversation with Gina and her wife about the trials of gender dysphoria, her early life struggles, and how she came to be at peace with a decision that put her beyond the pale of so many she once considered brothers and sisters.  This is part one of her story. 

ou can find Gina's blog here.

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