Ep: 195 Blues Prophet with Micah Bournes

There. Are. No. Words.  Well, actually, there are a number of words.  Almost a record number of words as this podcast is one of our longer episodes (listen to it in chunks or all at once!)
Also, some of the words are about politics, the flag, race relations and other issues that, if you've already made up your mind about, you might not need to listen.
But we invite you to listen as our friend Micah Bournes (micahbournes.com) who joined us all the way back on episode 13 (here) brings his spoken word poetry back, along with his newest blues project and a take on some of America's current racial tensions.
We would have Micah as a third host if he wasn't so busy- but we're glad he is.  You need to get his new album "No Ugly Babies"(itunes) (bandcamp) and see if he's performing anywhere near you (here).
You can agree, disagree or a little bit of both.  But you have to come to this show thinking- Micah brings it, and he might challenge some of your perceptions about the world (and he performs a little, too!).


Why We Can’t Wait- Martin Luther King Jr.
The Radical King- Martin Luther King Jr. intro by Cornell West


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