Episode 200 (!) With Elizabeth!


That's right! 200 episodes and we ring it in with a long time listener that we decided to profile, and then ask questions about the show, critique, etc.. on behalf of you- the fan!  This is a special episode, and if you are new to the pod- we suggest hitting some other episodes- or write us at danv@1517legacy.com and Dan will recommend a show based on your tastes!

While we have a fun time with our guest, we also profile her (everyone has a story, and Elizabeth's might resonate with you, or give you the perspective of someone else fighting battles that you might know nothing about).   

We reference a past show Youth Gone Wild (The Kids Are Alright?) with Kurt and Debi Winrich (a show about kids and church youth groups and growing up in the church... and other stuff that we found interesting.

Conversations With Rabbi Small
By Harry Kemelman
The Proper Distinction Between Law and Gospel Thirty-Nine Lectures
By Reproduced front he German edition of 1897 by W.H.T. Dau C.F.W. Walther
GuestsDaniel van Voorhis