Ep. 199 the Literal and Figurative- Talking Art with Dr. Dan Siedell and Rachel Hayes

They're back! Our two favorite artists (well, one art critic and one artist) are back.  Dr. Dan Seidell,  a professor at the Kings College in New York and Knox Seminary and Prof. Rachel Hayes of Concordia University sit down with Dan to talk about the nature of how "regular" people can enjoy art.   Fr from being a highfalutin' bit of snobbery to enjoy time at a museum, Dr. Siedell and Prof Hayes talk about their favorite artists, what makes for good art, and why we should all think about art, regardless of the depth with which we want to go into it. We all look at things, the question is how should we?  Jeff and Dan open the show with thoughts on literal and figurative art and why it can make us uncomfortable. Enjoy the show

GuestsDaniel van Voorhis