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Dear friends,

It is with a twinge of sadness and yet a sense of peace that we will be ending the Virtue in the Wasteland weekly podcast. We are grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of your lives, your conversations, and your commutes. Thank you for being a part of the expedition with us. We are not ending the show because of some disagreement or creative friction. Rather, we are closing this chapter of our lives to begin new projects and redouble our efforts on some of our other current projects that have emerged through the conversations we’ve had together and with you over the last six years.

We have loved processing through ideas and complex cultural issues through the show, but we have come to realize that the nature of ViW--exploring the fringes and tension filled areas of religion and culture--is something we have teased out enough for us to develop new directions for how to help address the concrete needs of our cultural wasteland. We are excited by the number of people who have told us that they began podcasting, in part, because of our show. We love hearing that the conversations we have started are still echoing through dorm rooms and apartments and in conversations over dinner or drinks. We are glad that people have passed on the rumor and the hope that everything is going to be ok.

We are not going to just fade out, friends. In fact we would love to close out the show with you, the listeners. So- listen in to the next two episodes and help us celebrate the end of an era. We will share with you some of the new projects that we have on the horizon and we will answer your last ever burning questions!

For our final shows, we will be releasing a two-part finale.

1. February 11. All Good Things: Jeff And Dan talk about the announcement and discuss what they learned on 6 years of podcasting, make analogies from good and bad break ups, and invite all of our listeners, past and present to tell us, for the last episode, what they learned.

2. February 14 What Did We Learn? This show will include the phone calls, messages, etc… with people sharing with us what they learned listening, any final questions for good measure, etc…

So, get ready for some fun as we go out with a bang. You can call 844-393-0012 to leave a 60 second message and/or go to Facebook or Twitter @viwpod to get involved! We are looking forward to this time of celebration and also change. While the ViW project, as a weekly podcast is coming to an end, the two of us remain committed to working with each other in the future. As we transition into new projects we will keep you updated about new endeavors. Dan and Jeff plan to collaborate in the future and welcome collaborative ideas with others so stay in touch (note the links below).


Dan and Jeff

To keep up with new developments in the months to come, check out the links below. Please keep in touch.

Dan van Voorhis
The 1517 Academy 
The Soul of Christianity Podcast 
Twitter: @dan_vanvoorhis

Jeff Mallinson 
Twitter: @wayfarerjeff, @taosurfers
Instagram: taosurfers
Public Facebook Page:





 Leave a sixty second message and/or question! Dial or push on the number (on touch devices) for the ViW Hotline at 844-393-0012


We’re seeking beauty in
a wasteland

Hope in a time of Cultural despair   


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About The Show

Welcome to Virtue in the Wasteland, a podcast + about culture, religion, and ethics. Your hosts—Dr. Jeff Mallinson and Dr. Daniel van Voorhis—will discuss ways to cultivate civic courage and navigate our complex cultural landscape, in search of truth, goodness, and beauty.  This is a long form podcast that rarely comes to concrete conclusions.  Rather, it is an ongoing discussion with the two hosts and their guests.  Enjoy the show!

Jeff and Dan have had a career spanning a combined 30 years in the University setting as professors and administrators.  While they believe the university is a great incubator of ideas and discussion, the ideas need to penetrate culture and reach a wider audience.  This show grew out of a desire to take complex issues and talk about them in a relaxed and conversational manner.  Each show is different, we invite you to listen to the shows as you would read a magazine.  Not all magazine articles interest you, so you flip through the pages.  We invite you to flip through our shows and find what appeals to you!”

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