Ep 305 The Not-So-Sacred Enneagram?

enneagram and seal.jpg

Oh, that title almost sounds cynical. You know, like the kind of show that goes “you know that one incredibly popular thing? yeah? We, and God, disapprove”. That’s not our vibe, so, if you’re looking to slam on the Enneagram, that’s not what’s happening. In fact, you might be surprised at what we find as we dig into this popular, kinda-historical, emotional and psychological mapping system. We have some fun, talk about the popularity of these kinds of tests, and give you some info on our upcoming tour through the South.

We talked about THIS website on the show.

Dan read the books below. He thinks they are all just fine, they all have strengths and weaknesses- read, as always, with discretion.

Daniel van Voorhis