Ep 294 "Red and Yellow, Black and White, They Are Precious In His Sight"? Two Interviews on Race and the Church


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"If the Gospel is For Everyone, Why Is Everyone Around Me So White?" This was a question asked on today's episode by one of our guests, Doug Klembara.  It led to our conversation on the short documentary his wife and friend just made, and leads us into the conversation Dan has with @Lex_Lutheran of Twitter fame, he's a man who digs his church but sees major racial issues to be discussed and combatted.  

Sure, when we talk about the college everything is "alleged" and these are nothing but initial thoughts on how to think and talk about the issue.  As we always say, if you want to play "gotcha!", you will win.  Help us formulate our thoughts, recommend books, or just listen along with us as we delve into a topic that makes us all a little uncomfortable.


While Jeff is away, my microphones are a little thin and it kept scratching my shirt (sorry!), and we talk about something way too big for us. But I brought reinforcements! We've got Kelsi and Doug Klembara- the husband/wife duo behind many of the words and pictures you see from 1517 and us.  They worked with our pal Blake to make a video about the closing of Concordia Selma, the only HBC (Historically Black College) in the LCMS.  They travelled to the college to talk with faculty, staff and students about the impact of the school closing.  The film is not a protest film, but one that asks questions which have not been given great answers thus far.  


Click HERE for Ep. 114 from 2015 after Dan took a number of students to Selma for the 59th anniversary of the crossing of the Edmund Pettus Bridge and to hear President Obama address us  and our fellow Americans.  

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On the show I (Dan) said I would share a disturbing picture- all of this is in jest, but I have battled my weight and tend to go to extremes.  

Daniel van Voorhis