Ep 293 Summertime Spirituality


There is a spirituality, perhaps even a theology of summer. Before Dan and Jeff get into that, they explore the top pop culture expressions of summer. Then they talk about the need for us to release ourselves from the anxiety we accumulate through assumed obligations of leisure, the tyranny of summer vacations, and the opportunity to release every last tension, resentment, and gracelessness.

About three quarters through, they offer their own of things people (the guys and their families in particular) should really should do but for some irrational reason, won’t. Actually, that irrational reason involves fear, and the funny but sad fact that we are sometimes working against ourselves even when we have the opportunity to receive the blessings of life and the vocational excellence of others.

This sound more intellectual than the actual conversation is. So, especially if this is your first episode, remember that this is a mes-a-round show.

We wish no ill will to people who need, use, manufacture, or advocate the value of the C-Pap machine.

This video above is the opening song from Heiser Sommer, a superbly bizarre old Soviet-era East German communist take on Hollywood beach movies. The video that follows is about Belinda Carlisle's new Kundalini-style chant work. 


We should note that James Woods had NOTHING to do with Natalie Wood’s death. Jeff was confused on this for no clear reason.  Christopher Walken and Robert Wagner were on the boat when Natalie Wood drowned.  Jeff must have been thinking of allegations of sexual misconduct.

Finally: while we are NOT medical doctors, Niacin with Lion’s main is probably indeed good for you. Just remember that Niacin can make you flush even with a low dose and doesn't have the effects that some New Religious Movements think it does!  

Finally, get someone you love or buy yourself some frosted lipstick. It is cool. But keep it super white for the right effect. Or get zinc oxide on there.


EGBOK baby.

Daniel van Voorhis