Ep 282 Virtue (Signaling) in the Wasteland


OK, ok.  So maybe you downloaded this one out of order, or you're reading this well past when we dropped the episode in April of 2018.  Here's what happened: on the show we read some stuff online by [redacted] that spreads hatred and racism.  Dan called them a mildly bad word.  [redacted] took offense and, claiming some kind of seemingly dubious legal issue, wanted us to not say such things.  So Dan went back to the show and edited out a few things, most of which is calling open racists things as vile as [redacted].  But, as we cut out some of the choice words and proper names, go ahead and fill in the worst possible words imaginable (get creative) and point it towards openly vile racists and "kin-ists".  [redacted] can't shut that down.

So... below is a longer explanation of the whole show


On today's show we discuss the idea of "virtue signaling" and why it may or may not be helpful in discussing philanthropy and activism.  As a show primarily concerned with cultivating civic courage we were once accused of this and it made us think... are we? If so, is it a bad thing? In the meantime all sorts of news happened that pointed us in this direction.  We talk about an important idea, throw in some pertinent music from our friend Micah Bournes, and get a little off of our chest in a time that is far less than virtuous.

Daniel van Voorhis