Ep 273 Finding Virtue in Cuba part 1


So we headed off on an early 2018 trip to Vancouver and then Havana, Cuba.  We spent our time in Vancouver with a collection of Lutheran pastors and then sped off to get to Cuba via Toronto.  Turns out it isn't as hard to travel to Cuba as we thought.  On neither side did we run into any trouble as the US was cool with us working with a church group and the Cubans were cool with us being tourists.

But it wasn't a church trip nor was it for tourism, we were heading there for a story.  Our friend Marcos Ruiz of the El Lector podcast (along with his co-host extraordinaire and overall good guy Mark Norman) is a first generation Cuban-American whose family was destroyed by Fidel Castro's revolution of 1959.  Some of Marcos' family were exiled, some killed, some remained loyal to the revolution.  So we trekked through the main streets of Havana as well as Marcos' parents old village to chronicle his (and his daughters) response and to see if we could find virtue in Cuba (hint: of course we did).

Daniel van Voorhis