Ep 315 Bears and Butterflies- Jeff Mallinson Live at HWSS18


Hey friends, Dan here… thanks for reading. You see that picture up above? The one with the quote? Yeah, so it’s a quote from this talk and when our pals in digital media made the meme it drove some of facebook up the wall. Now, I thought it was all pretty funny in a kind of sad way- never will you see less joy or grace than with some Lutheran types! In some ways, this talk was meant to frustrate, that is, if you see Jesus wrapped up in religion, rules and power. This is a talk with Jeff blowing up any ideas of works righteousness and refuses to settle with a message that’s just another doctrine to keep straight or moral code to live up to. Maybe you’re a bear, maybe you’re a butterfly, listen to this talk and it will make sense.

Daniel van Voorhis