Ep 310 Going Conservative in the Age of Trump



We dig Nashville. We dig Eric Dorman. So this was like peanut butter and chocolate, two of our favorite things at once. The barbecue beforehand was just for us, but we’ll share the conversation. Eric found himself with increasingly progressive ideas in a conservative household, but as he came to embrace the conservative movement in America, Trump became a symbol for the Republican Party. For Eric, who is quite clear in his distaste for the morally unfit (among other things) President, this caused a dilemma. How could he embrace conservatism in the age of Trump?

This show is part of our #VIWRoadtrip2018 series and might be best understood in that context- starting with episode 306 we have a string of shows that we recorded on location in the American South about the national and regional conversations taking place in a very fractured 2018. Check out the tag on instagram to see some more pics.

Daniel van Voorhis